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Rotary Club Update July 18, 2019
  • Last week (11 July) we sent out prayers to Andy Bowen and his family and to Darrel Brensing and Mrs. Brensing.
  • Steven Graham Bradley introduced Judy Davis, Director of Crisis Center. She spoke about the services they provide, the types of incidents they see, and the number of incidents in our area. She highlighted the interaction with the RCPD and the learning that has taken place. She discussed the need and the initial planning for a new facility, capable of handling requirements for the future. She also discussed the intersections between her work and the emerging problems of bullying and human trafficking.  
  • Also, as a reminder, each of you has received an email about the formation of a District Human Trafficking Committee.  We will likely have to add this committee. We have interest from Linda Morse but will need others to help. The District committee will meet either bi-monthly or quarterly with the first meeting taking place in July in Topeka.  If you are interested in being involved with this committee please contact Linda Morse from our club or Patti Mellard at
  • Robbin Cole is hosting 20 Mandela fellows at her home. All Rotarians were invited.
  • For the meeting on 18 July, we will discuss the organization and staffing of our committee structure and provide an overview of the 11 July Board meeting.
From the Board Meeting.
  • Finished the year at 183 members.
  • We will have cup money scheduled to the end of the year at the next meeting
  • We will work closely with the Konza Club on projects
  • Jason Leib, new district governor will join us on the 10th of Oct and the Konza Club on the 11th. Perhaps will have an event on the evening of the 10th.
  • We will establish a committee to participate in human trafficking initiative. Linda Morse will lead.
  • Tree Project. Trees need some attention. Chris Culbertson is surveying all the sites.
Manhattan Rotary Club Programs upcoming:
  • 18 July – Jason Smith, President/CEO of the Chamber of Commerce
  • 25 July – Chris Klieman, KSU football coach.
July cup collection: Juneteenth
  • 18 July - Linda Harris and Jim Wright
  • 25 July - Jan Marks and Tad Thompson
Manhattan Rotary Sponsored: Events
  • July 25: Rotary on Tap (Liquid Art).
Konza Club PROGRAMS upcoming:
  • July 19 - Andy Klein - KS Water Service, It's All About Water/Water Conservation
  • July 26 – KS River Keepers - Dawn Buehler, State of the rivers in Kansas
  • August 2 – Dina Clark - No Stone Unturned, Sensory Swim Program 
Konza Rotary Sponsored Events.
August 3 – Water Matters Day, Sunset Zoo
August 28 – Rotary Sponsored Anti-Bullying Program 5:30 - 7:30 PM, Rezac Auditorium, MHS

For more news from the Council of Legislation click here

Rotaract clubs will now be considered a part of Rotary International, as opposed to a program of RI, following a vote by the Council.

On the morning of its last day, the Council approved 381-134 a measure that acknowledges Rotaract clubs in the RI Constitution and Bylaws and elevates them as an important member of the Rotary family. Rotaract clubs will continue to have their own standard constitution but will receive greater support from RI.

"We need to be an inspiration to our young partners, so they will continue doing the great service that they do," said RI President Barry Rassin, who presented the measure. "This sends a strong message that they are truly our partners in service."

Rassin stressed that many of the other aspects of Rotaract clubs will remain the same. Rotary clubs will still sponsor Rotaract clubs, and will still support them. Rotaractors will also not be considered Rotarians and will retain their own unique club experience. The measure simply broadens the definition of membership in RI to include Rotaract clubs. 

The benefit to Rotary is the ability to learn more about Rotaractors and improve the support and resources it offers to help Rotaract grow. As Rotaractors become our partners in service, we will be able to better track their impact and expand our reach, supporters said.

(As an aside, individuals are technically not members of RI. Clubs are members of RI. This distinction helps explain why Rotaract clubs will now become members of RI, while the club's members remain Rotaractors and not Rotarians.)

Historical footnote: This is also the first time a sitting RI President has ever proposed an item to the Council.

This article was posted on Facebook by Rotarian Evan Burrell.

On this day 27th of January 1947, Paul Harris Died.

Here is the text of an article from the Chicago Tribune:

The death of Paul P. Harris, the founder of Rotary International, and its President Emeritus died yesterday in his home, Comely Bank, at 10856 Longwood Dr. He was 79 and had been in failing health in recent years. He was a lawyer in private life.

Mr. Harris founded Rotary in 1905, and since then had seen it grow from a single club with a few members in Chicago to 5,638 clubs in 75 countries with more than 259,000 members.

A spirit of loneliness influenced Mr. Harris in part to create a worldwide organization. He was born in Racine, Wisconsin but raised in Vermont. He was educated at Princeton and the University of Iowa in 1891. For five years he roamed, working as a newspaperman, an actor, and a salesman. He worked on fruit farms and twice worked his way to Europe on cattle boats.

In 1896 Mr. Harris settled in Chicago and began the practice of law. Although friendly by nature, he had few friends, and he saw others, like himself not native to the city, in a similar situation.

One day in 1900 Mr. Harris had dinner with a lawyer friend, and later the two strolled the neighborhood where his colleague introduced Mr. Harris to several neighborhood merchants as his friends. Up to then, Mr. Harris had not made social friends out of these business friends, or clients. The neighborhood experience gave him an idea.

Mr. Harris decided to organize a club of representative business and professional men in fellowship and friendship. Three of his clients, Silvester Schiele, Gustavus Loehr, and Harry Ruggles, joined with him. They met periodically in the old Mme. Galli restaurant, often called the birthplace of Rotary, where over the dinner table they discussed plans for the club.

On Feb. 23, 1905, Rotary was born and was so-called because its members met in rotation at their several places of business. The idea spread, and similar clubs were formed in other cities. The essence of Rotary's purpose was and is--serve; high standards in business, professional and community life.
The Rotary Club of Blue Island-Crestwood and other Rotarians created a memorial at Mount Hope Cemetery in Blue Island, Illinois to Paul Harris and his life-long friend Silvester Schiele. The cemetery is best known for the Rotary memorial as well as the resting place of Lions Clubs International founder Melvin Jones.

"As Rotarians walk on the path leading to the Paul Harris Shrine, it is almost overwhelming to realize how this humble man spawned an organization that has spread throughout the world.

The pictures tell the story, but the true feeling sets in when one visits his grave site and sees the Shrine that was dedicated to him.

Harris' friend since before the turn of the century, and the first Rotary president, Silvester Schiele not only lived next door to the Harris', but his grave was moved to the memorial for Paul Harris after the founder's death.

Today, in Mount Hope Cemetery near the southern edge of Chicago, there is a "work in progress" known as the Paul Harris Memorial. It is a memorial to Paul P. Harris, who founded the Rotary movement. A few feet away from the humble resting-place of Harris is his longtime friend Silvester Schiele, the first president of the first club of Rotary - Rotary One in Chicago, IL.

The Rotary Club of Blue Island, IL makes its annual pilgrimage to the gravesites to honor the significance of "this place" and to memorialize that they were in essence in the presence of the "seed" and "roots" of a worldwide organization today known as Rotary International. It would be known as the "lighthouse" for many service organizations to follow.

It was during his participation in the pilgrimage of the 1985-86 Rotary year that Governor Dr. Cedric A. Pope, District 645 conceived the idea of creating a memorial for Harris and Schiele and realized the importance of securing the land between and around their two gravesites.

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